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Monday, 15 March 2010

Evil Colostomy wearer infiltrates local BNP!

Chance as a steward at a Socialist Worker Party rally in Birmingham.

Chance poses for a photo opportunity, following a SWP meeting in Camden, London.

Smelling like a bucket of human excrement, due to his poor personal hygiene and lack of cleanliness in the management of an ileostomy, Frank Chance, 69, a former independent candidate in the Brandwood ward has been exposed as an extreme racist and a fake supporter of The BNP. in order to try and stand in the area for self gain.

Chance, whose fake catchphrase of "Realism not Racism" had expressed at a private meeting that he 'hates and loathes these f*****g Muslims who have spread over our land like a foul and stinking rash' and tried to forward himself as BNP candidate for Brandwood, until his extreme views, where he glorified the Nazi gas chambers and gas ovens, saying things like:
"The Muslim contents of a Mosque could be crisped up better than a bucket of burnt Yids' led the party to disallow him from standing."
Chance never joined the BNP, so was not on the recently published 2009 list, and was disavowed following a recent meeting where he was bluntly asked 'Why he has not yet joined the BNP?'

Chance also managed to turn BNP activists against each other by spreading vicious rumours about several of them, and making up blatant lies about some, such as one person known as "S" whom Chance accused of misusing a car P.A. system outside Chances home.

Chance's political career was a dead loss anyhow as an Independent in a by-election in 2007, Chance finished 5th in the count beating only other minorities with a handful of votes.

In 2008 he came last in the poll, again standing as an independent.

Devious Chance is a member of many local action groups, including Chairman of Birmingham Defend Council Housing, a far left sponsored group, whose membership includes Labour MP for Grimsby, Austin Mitchell MP and Eileen Short sister of Birmingham Labour MP Clare Short. Chance includes Ms Short's sister as a 'good friend.'

He is widely known by local councillors and other groups' members for his childish '15 minutes late' disruption tactic, whereby he never attends meetings promptly and always draws attention to himself by arriving late, often causing annoyance to others with his tardiness and turdiness.

Chance gained notoriety in the 1970s and 1980s leading many strikes and bringing the Ambulance service to its knees, with his arrogant, self-motivated attitude in running the strike.

Chance is also vocal in his hate of ethnic neighbours that include several Muslims families (Pakistani and Somali) calling them 'Packies', two families of Irish traveller descent, whose children he calls 'Chimp faced,' black Afro-Caribbean families he calls 'Niggers and golliwogs' and a Jewish family he simply calls 'F******g Yids or Auschwitz misfits'.

He even has tried to discredit a local black-cab driver who has improved his house, he'd purchased from the local council, making Chance's house look third rate, by spreading malicious rumours about the man's wife, who is a campanologist at a Moseley church, saying 'She only goes there to stick her fat nose up the Vicar's arse'

Finally, Chance takes every opportunity to refer to his 'fight against cancer' in his 'victim' role, although people close to him have revealed that his colostomy (an ileostomy) was actually created after he and his grossly overweight wife, Chrissie S Chance, 71 who resembles an ugly Muppet from Sesame Street, had indulged in a bizarre anal sex act that went wrong.

(The act involved doggy pet-toys that they use in their boxer dog breeding business, Brandywood Boxers, run from their council house in Brandwood (against their terms of tenancy) is now famously known as 'Talk to Frank's Arse.')

A worrying aspect is that Chance is still friends with some gullible BNP members who follow Chance's spoutings like a bible, and still leak information to him...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Frank The Wank Chance... a RACIST.

Bob de Bilde